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Notice To Vacate

Notice of Intent to Vacate

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As resident of the above referenced premises, you are hereby notified that I (we) have elected not to renew the lease of the Premises and will vacate on, or before, the following date:

Vacate Date *

Resident is reminded of the following conditions of the lease:

  1. Resident must vacate the Premises on or before said lease expiration date.
  2. If Resident vacates prior to the end of the current lease expiration date, Resident will be responsible for all costs associated with the breach of lease. These costs include advertising and re-leasing fees paid by the landlord; in addition to rent until Premises is occupied, or until the lease expires, whichever comes first. This is in accordance with the NC Residential Rentals Agreement Act and NC Tenant Security Deposit Act.
  3. If Resident does not vacate the Premises on or before said lease expiration date, the lease payment amount will double from the current lease rate.
  4. All rent must be timely paid. As detailed in the NC Residential Rentals Agreement Act, the security deposit is not a substitute for the last month's rent.
  5. All keys and other items related to the Premises must be returned to Birch Management, Inc. immediately upon vacating the Premises.
  6. Lease termination is not permitted on any day other than the last day of the month, unless otherwise afforded for per the terms of the lease.
  7. There are no provisions for daily tenancy contained in the lease and keys turned in after 8:30am the day after lease termination are subject to charge for another FULL MONTH at an increased rate of double the current rent amount. Eviction proceedings will be initiated immediately upon becoming a holdover tenant.
  8. Any retractions, or changes, once the Notice of Intent to Vacate is submitted could incur a charge equal to all costs incurred by the Landlord in advertising the premises. Any proposed changes to a submitted Notice of Intent to Vacate must be approved by the Landlord.

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