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Winston-Salem Property Management

Many individuals think of rental property as a passive form of investment. All that needs to be done is to buy a house, advertise it "For Rent," then collect years of monthly checks. The truth is that homes for rent is not the same as a mutual fund. Realty property must be closely managed and properly maintained in order to maximize profitability.

That is where Birch Management comes into the equation. We are the Winston-Salem property management experts who can oversee your rental property, whether it is industrial, commercial, multi-family or residential. Regardless of the complexity of the rental property, Birch Management can handle it. We already have a proven track record of successfully taking care of many properties in the area.

By partnering with our property management division, you benefit from the advantages inherent in economies of scale. Because we have a full roster of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC technicians along with construction and renovation professionals on staff or under contract, we can perform any necessary maintenance or improvements at the lowest possible cost. We also ensure that maintenance personnel is ready at a moment's notice in the event of an emergency day and night.

Another advantage of utilizing our Winston-Salem property management specialists lies in our familiarity with ever-changing tax policies and accounting standards. By allowing us the privilege of managing your property, you are ensuring that our expert accounting and billing department will work to your advantage and make tax time a breeze because all of your expenses will be contained in a single folder rather than scattered around a dozen or more different contractors and suppliers.

The question of how best to use your own valuable time is answered. Rather than spend days interviewing potential renters and vetting their qualifications, you can let our experts do the job. You can spend productive hours on other projects or leisure time doing something you enjoy knowing that Birch Management is taking excellent care of your rental property as well as your tenants.

The best part is the remarkable cost effectiveness of putting Birch Management to work for you. The money you can save by taking advantage of our low cost maintenance and repair services, coupled with the improved quality of fully-vetted renters means that more of your rental income actually comes to you and the number of move-outs and empty rentals is greatly reduced. Let Birch Management show you how much better it is to hire a professional to work for you.

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