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High Point Investment Properties

If you're looking for investment properties in High Point, check out the residential properties featured by Birch Management. High Point investment properties can generate significant income when you consider that the International Home Furnishings Market occurs twice each year. Furniture reps come to High Point and often spend two weeks or more getting ready for and working during Furniture Market. Representatives search for a temporary residence to which they can bring family or friends and even entertain prospective buyers. Once these Reps find a residence that they enjoy, the chances are increased that they'll return Spring and Fall, year after year.

If you already have investment properties in High Point, consider the benefits of having Birch manage them. Birch's residential division manages all residential investment properties, from single family homes to condominiums to apartments. Birch's dual priority is in increasing the return on your investment while maintaining quality housing opportunities for tenants. As your property manager, Birch Management screens tenants, negotiates leases, collects rent, schedules maintenance, keeps accurate records, provides regular reports and communicates regularly with clients. Birch has maintenance providers on call 24 hours a day to help prevent an emergency from becoming a liability. Plus, Birch will inspect your property and make recommendations. This helps minimize complaints and maintenance requests which, in turn, increases tenant satisfaction and retention.

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