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Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are defined by Websters as "a narrow channel, or trough, forming the component of a roof system which collects and diverts rainwater away from the roof edge". What the definition does not tell you is that they clog, preventing them from serving their purpose. When they clog, the water will, instead of going away from the property, penetrate into the property causing significant damage.

The best way to prevent this costly damage is by simply ensuring that gutters are kept clean, allowing them to serve the function for which they were designed.


In an effort to protect your investment property, we offer twice yearly gutter cleaning service as part of our preventative maintenance program. Please see below for information on our 2016-17 leaf season program:


  • When will gutters be cleaned?
    • We will set everything up to be released to the vendors as soon as the last leaves have fallen.
  • What is included in the service?
    • Third party vendors will clean out all gutters on the property to ensure proper water flow and remove all debris from the premises
    • Any signs of further repairs will be noted on an exterior inspection form
    • Any additional immediate repairs to the gutter system will be performed at an additional cost. This would include any work that is of an urgent nature, can easily be done by the onsite crew, and is low in additional cost. Mobilizations costs are one of the largest costs in a simple repair job.
  • Who performs the service?
    • We only use third party maintenance providers that are fully licensed and insured. As with all of our vendors, we ONLY use providers that carry general liability AND worker's compensation insurance. Even though some providers are not required to carry worker's compensation insurance, that does not relieve the owner of the property from liability should a worker become injured on the job. It is not worth the risk!
    What is the cost?
    • Single story: $95
    • Two-story: $125
    • Intricate roof lines, roof heights above 36', extreme debris (mud, etc. that has built up due to not being properly maintained previously) and other unusual circumstances will be on a bid only basis.
    • These prices are NOT guaranteed, but will not be exceeded without additional authorization, except for additional necessary work.


Based on 7,000 quotes from Home Depot (2), the gutter cleaning price range as of 10-10-2016 for zip code 27408 was from a low of $123 to a high of $238, with an average of $171.


Below is some information that Home Depot (1) published on the importance of keeping your gutters cleaned:


  • Benefits of cleaning your gutters
    • A gutter that is full of debris cannot fulfill its true purpose. The accumulation of dry leaves and debris will prevent water from flowing down the gutter into the down spout. This means that excess rain water will pour out of the sides of the gutter and on to the siding of the house and into the landscaping. This will necessitate expensive repair and painting to restore the appearance of your home. Additionally, a clogged gutter can lead to a rusted gutter that will require replacement. The water trapped in the gutter can freeze in winter, forming ice dams that weigh down the gutter and cause damage to the gutter and the roof. All of these issues can be avoided by ensuring that the gutters are cleaned regularly.
  • Contributing factor
    • Gutters become clogged because of the fallen leaves and other debris that accumulates on the roof of the house. This is washed into the gutter when it rains. Additionally, small animals such as squirrels and birds might decide to nest among the debris and leave their dropping in the gutter. The presence of organic matter and water leads to the formation of mold, which contributes to the further clogging of the gutter as well.
  • Timing is everything- best time of year to clean your gutters
    • As with other home maintenance tasks, the timing of cleaning the gutters can help prolong its life and minimize other damage. The gutters should be cleaned twice a year, at the beginning of fall and at the beginning of spring. If you clean the gutters at the beginning of fall, the leaves will still be dry and easier to remove. Additionally, when the precipitation occurs, the water will flow freely through the gutter and into the down spout ensuring little or no damage to the gutter. Also, because there is no debris to be washed into the down spout, this will not become clogged, making it easier to clean it out. Cleaning the gutters in early spring will again prepare it for directing the water brought in by the spring rains (if you live in an area that rains heavily or at all).

      You do not want to be cleaning your gutters in the middle of August. First off, that is the hottest part of the year so you will be miserable performing a chore such as this in that heat. In addition, it also means you have waited too long to clean and unclog your gutters which means for months now your gutters have been holding up more weight than it should have been and you have also given plenty of time for bugs and critters to find some room to settle in. None of these factors are a good thing.


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