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Greensboro is Ideal for Transportation and Logistics Related Property Management

If you own an apartment or home and are having trouble finding good renters for your property, it is time to contact an experienced Greensboro property management company. At Birch Management in Greensboro, we provide excellent services for real estate owners, so you can have a worry-free time finding and maintaining tenants for your home, condo, apartment or duplex. The three main areas of managing your property that result in happy tenants include the thorough screening of tenants, prompt and reliable maintenance, and excellent communication.

A Property Manager Will Find the Right Tenants

Finding the right tenants for your property is not an easy task. Background checks, criminal records, and credit history need to be reviewed along with other renting history information. According to www.landlordology.com, finding a reliable tenant is a peace of mind that your property will be well taken care of:

“Thorough screening will usually prevent future problems that might arise – such as a tenant who trashes your place, one who doesn’t pay rent, or one who lets undesirable individuals move in.”

Verified employment history is also important in the screening process. The professional team members at Birch Management conduct a thorough investigation to determine if the prospective tenant is qualified for renting your property.

Property Management Help Maximize Investments

Properly maintaining your property is essential to keeping your tenants happy. At Birch Management, we are in compliance with the NC Residential Rentals Agreement Act. We receive maintenance requests at our office and on our website from tenants and along with our business partner, Triad Maintenance Services, LLC, we provide excellent maintenance service and prompt responses to maintenance requests. A quick turnaround counts, as noted in www.landlordology.com:

“The faster you make the repairs, the happier your tenants will be. Also, without immediate action, tenants can sue you for injuries caused by a defective condition.”

When tenants are happy, they live in your property for a longer period, maximizing your investment as a property owner. A well-respected Greensboro property management company will ease your headaches because they have the expertise and knowledge to manage properties efficiently.

Managing Your Property Means Regular Communication

Keeping in touch with tenants keeps them happy, since they want to be informed of community and neighborhood information. We provide newsletters and regular communications with our customers to inform them of property information and accounting reports. Tenants know exactly when the rental payments are due and are able to submit payment to Birch Management so we can quickly and efficiently process the payment and immediately submit it to the trust bank account. Our customers have access to accounting information in real-time, so they have an accurate understanding of rental payments that were received. Staying connected on a consistent basis, we become a bridge between tenants and property owners, providing timely information, convenient maintenance scheduling, and exceptional rental policies. We address tenants' concerns with care and professionalism and ensure that their needs are being met and that maintenance is kept up to date. We value our relationships with property owners and tenants and follow specific guidelines for the management of your properties.

These services are some of the reasons why Birch Management continues to provide high-quality customer service as a Greensboro property management company. We advertise and market your investment properties, so you do not have to do the work. For an all-in-one solution to property management, contact us at 336-288-6997.

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