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Houses for Rent in Greensboro Need Approved Renters

If you are searching for houses to rent in Greensboro, it is advised to have all of your rental background information ready for the application process. Once you have found a property to rent, landlords and property managers will usually ask you to complete a rental application, which contains contact information for previous landlords, financial information, and employment verification.

Rental Houses Require a Rental Application

If you are prepared for it ahead of time, your application process will be even faster to complete. Bring a pay stub or tax information (if self-employed) for employment and salary verification. Here are some tips about what to expect to help the application process go smoothly, from www.investopedia.com:

“Each person who is renting will have to fill out a separate rental application. This helps the landlord determine each person's credibility as a potential renter. Applicants may have to submit a processing fee, application fee and security deposit along with the rental application. If the applicant is denied, the security deposit will be returned within a specified time frame, usually one month. The rental application typically includes information regarding the applicant's:

  • Name

  • Current address

  • Phone numbers

  • Email address

  • Driver's license number

  • Previous address

  • Pets, if applicable

  • Employment and income information

  • Emergency contacts

  • Personal references

  • Background information, including questions about criminal charges or previous bankruptcies

  • Vehicle information

Use a Folder for House Rental Information

There are many details to remember when completing an application. You may not be able to remember your employer’s addresses, reference phone numbers and other detailed information. One suggestion is to create a folder to store all of the required information so you will be prepared to complete the rental application without delay or errors. Other information to take with you to complete the necessary paperwork is your previous address information, emergency contact information, and vehicle information. Include your application fee in the folder as well, so you will not forget it when we need to collect payment. Birch Management can help you with a list of documents and information you will need to save you time in this process.

Personal and Business References are Reviewed for Houses for Rent

Have a list of your personal references, as well as managers or coworkers for your business references. References are essential to effectively screen potential residents for rental houses. Employment verification is a large component of the application, so be sure to have your current job title, salary information and company address available. Gathering these important details prior to completing an application will save you time and delays in this step in the rental process.

Whether you are a renter looking for a house for rent in Greensboro, or you are a property owner who is looking for a property management company, we can help you. At Birch Management, we build strong relationships and long-lasting trust with our residential and commercial customers. Call us today at 336-288-6997 for more information on our rental properties.

(Source: Renters’ Guide: The Rental Process, investopedia.com, 2015)

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