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Commercial Real Estate in Greensboro Experiences Growth

As we approach the midpoint of 2015, positive growth trends in real estate continue. At NC-CCIM’s annual Triad Market Forecast that took place earlier in the year, it was concluded that the outlook for Greensboro commercial real estate is upbeat and growing stronger. Our area continues to experience growth, with retail, office and industrial markets strengthening, and new industrial construction projects are in the works for upcoming months. Birch Management's commercial property management team is staying on top of this growth trend with new projects, ongoing customer support and lease renewals. With the positive forecast for continued commercial real estate growth, it is predicted that 2015 will finish strong. What are some contributing factors to this positive trend?

Markets are being rebuilt and strengthened in these newer economic times

The economic decline beginning in 2007 had an impact on Greensboro in several ways. Companies felt the financial crunch and many had to downsize or cancel spec construction projects. The market hit bottom around the end of 2010 and has experienced slow and steady growth since early 2011. From 2012 until 2014, vacancy rates in Greensboro’s industrial market dipped from about 20 percent to 9.6 percent. This indicates a very healthy and positive industrial market.

New Greensboro construction projects are on the horizon

Industry leaders speculate that some larger industrial projects and new construction will account for a lot of growth towards the end of the year.

The demand for new industrial space in the Greensboro area is increasing steadily, with tenants needing larger industrial buildings for business.

Favorable lease and cap rates are available

On the retail side of commercial real estate, better credit options have resulted in growth in that arena. Leaders predict that lease rates will continue to remain strong. Lower cap rates in the commercial real estate sector have driven property values higher, and new retail construction is also surging as available credit options continue to grow.

Full integration provides helpful information for growth opportunities

Indicators that commercial real estate in Greensboro is growing create a positive future for real estate professionals and property management companies. As Birch Management looks ahead to the second half of 2015, our fully integrated accounting services for commercial real estate clients will help to analyze the financial side of the business for growth opportunities. For vacancy listings, Birch Management will market those properties through our established channels to reach the right tenants for your listing. If you need to buy or sell investment property, our affiliation with reputable Realtors will also help you in this area.

With the positive outlook for commercial real estate this year, Birch Management offers customized commercial property management services to meet our client's specific needs. From commercial real estate property management to residential property management in Greensboro, we provide maximum returns to our customers with our strong work ethic, industry experience and state of the art systems. Contact Birch Management for your property management solutions: 336-288-6997.

Source: http://www.bizjournals.com/triad/blog/morning-edition/2015/03/triad-commercial-real-estate-market-is-healthy.html

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